Never enter a PIN again

When filling out the sign-up form you'll be asked to register the main phone number you'll be making the majority of your phone calls from. Once sign-up is complete you'll be able to log into your account and register up to 10-additional phone numbers to share on your account. Each time you dial our access number (idea: add our access number to your phones speed dial to save time) our system automatically recognizes your phone number much like caller ID works and instantly prompts you to enter the phone number you wish to reach. Wow! No long PIN number to enter! By entering the numbers you call most often into PhoneOnCall's speed dial feature you'll be placing calls worldwide in as few as 2-key dialing.


Dial to Recharge

We know how frustrating it is running out of minutes and needing to place an important phone call when your on the go. PhoneOnCall has an amazing new feature that allows you to add funds to your account anytime by simply pressing 0#, your account will automatically recharge for $10 using the credit card on file for your account at PhoneOnCall. You may also activate "Auto-recharge" at sign-up or by logging into your account. While activated your account will recharge the amount that you select each time your account balance falls below $5.


Refer a friend

Earn Free Bonus Time by referring people to PhoneOnCall. Each time someone enters your Promotion Code at sign-up you'll get $5 worth of free calling time added to your account after they make their first purchase. We'll also give $5 worth of free calling time to the person signing up as an incentive to use your unique promotional code at sign-up. There is no limit of people that you can sign up and best of all they can sign up 24 hours a day 7 days a week and get Free time thanks to you. Start earning free calling time from PhoneOnCall today! Once you're logged into PhoneOnCall your promotional code will be available to you and automatically added to all referrals you send, just fill out the Refer-a-Friend form. When one of them becomes a PhoneOnCall user, the free time will be instantly added to your account and available for immediate use.


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